About us

Our projects

We have a three stage approach to engaging and developing participants

Stage 1: ENGAGE

Projects focus on outreach and engagement, capturing the interest and gaining the trust of the young person. They are run from community venues for a few hours a week, and aim to build confidence and self–esteem; teach respect and community awareness; address anti-social behaviour; and most importantly motivate and inspire young people to change their lives for the better.

  • Our stage 1 projects are:

    • IMPACT: boxing
    • STRIKE: football
    • SHINING STARS: young parents' group
    • IAF MULTISPORTS: try different sports each week
  • Both stage 1 and 2 projects help to:

    • build self-esteem and self-awareness
    • address anti-social behaviour and manage conflict
    • teach respect and community awareness
    • motivate and inspire young people to change their lives.

The underlying ethos of Inspire and Achieve is to promote personal responsibility and to highlight that personal outcomes are dependent on how they respond to events in their life.

  • These outcomes are achieved on Stage 1 and Stage 2 projects by:

    • one-to-one mentoring, advice and guidance
    • structured activities within sessions
    • group work
    • the use of positive role models.


The majority of our stage 2 work involves one to one mentoring and guidance but we also have a programme called ACCELERATE that reinforces the one-to-one work we do. ACCELERATE is a six week course that steps up the level of commitment required from individuals, and involves classroom-based learning and action planning.Teaching addresses areas such as motivation, respect, employability skills, anger management, body language, behaving responsibly, and taking control of your own future.

The ACCELERATE programme also includes volunteering activities, enrichment and enterprise activities, and helps young people gain experiences and learning that will prepare them for work.

  • There are five different projects running under stage 2:

    • IMPACT: Boxing
    • STRIKE: Football
    • SHINING STARS: Young Parents

Stage 3: SUPPORT

When a young person re-enters mainstream education or employment, we still offer support and guidance where needed in order to provide continuity of care, track their progression, help them in a crisis and encourage community engagement and volunteering.