Get involved



If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you. Just let us know how you would like to help or where your skills lie.

Why don’t you…

  • Become a volunteer football coach?
  • Become a mentor?
  • Help connect us with work experience opportunities or host a visit round your place of work?
  • Help with mentoring, mock interviews, job skills, or Information, advice and guidance?
  • We are always looking for good role models, so if you are the next David Haye, Wayne Rooney, or Richard Branson then come and show us your tricks and talk to us about your experiences!
  • Help with our fundraising events or organise a promotional event on behalf of IAF?
  • Help to spread the word and recruit young people onto our programmes?
  • Help with music, arts and creative industries projects?
  • If you have financial, legal or HR qualifications could you offer some pro-bono advice?
  • If you want to donate your experience, enthusiasm or business knowledge then apply to be a trustee.

The list can be as long and as flexible as your imagination and resources.

Fundraise for us

We have a Just giving page, so that anyone can organise or participate in a fundraising event on our behalf. Let us know what you're doing to help, and we will support you in any way we can.

Attend our fundraising events

Help us raise funds by attending fundraising events and passing the invite on to your colleagues, family and friends. Check out our news section for up and coming events.

By helping us you will be inspiring a generation and helping them ACHIEVE. Together we can tackle youth unemployment and help INSPIRE the young people of Mansfield and Ashfield.